Track who is coming and going from your organisation

Get ready to easily track it all, including pre-screening visitors before they enter your buildings with SimpleTrack.

Why SimpleTrack?

Keep your facilities safe

Set up point of access control measures to evaluate staff and visitors before they enter your facilities.

Achieve your compliance objectives

Ensure you're remaining compliant with regulatory health and safety protocols to keep your entire facility safe.

Track and Report

See how your facilities are performing at a glance with dashboards that track what you need in the event you need to complete contact tracing.

How SimpleTrack works

Local portal access

Visitors and staff can arrive at a location and complete the assessment form. The form is customizable, but also includes questions that are recommended by local health authorities. Your organization can post notices at entries with both a simple URL and QR code that will allow the visitor or staff member to access the assessment form by mobile device, local tablet station or attendant.

Portal to entry screenshot


Screenshot of policies


Acknowledgement of policies & procedures

Prior to completing the form, the contact must read and acknowledge the health and safety policy. The policy and images can all be easily adjusted based on your organizations needs. This acknowledgment is recorded and can be reviewed by staff.

Risk analysis action recommendation

The screening questions allow you to automatically evaluate the risk profile of visitors and employees. Recommendations are based off those provided by local health authorities.

Acknowledgement Screenshot


checking his notifications


Risk action and mitigation

Employee supervisors and facility or site administrators will receive notification on high risk submissions by their employees, contractors or visitors.


The platform will help you track adherence to company policies, occupancy trends, access restriction trends and contact tracing in the event a visitor or staff is later diagnosed with COVID-19.

SimpleTrack reporting dashboard


It's simple to get started. 

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